Sam’s Putt Lab

As well as two ‘full-swing’ teaching bays, the Scott Hamilton Golf Academy boasts a state-of-the-art technology, SAM’S Putting Lab, and a dedicated putting studio with three live feedback cameras. This technology is provided by ‘Science and Motion Sports’, and is built using radar-based technology to wirelessly capture a vast range of data about the putter and his or her motion throughout the stroke. Additionally, a user-friendly, printable report is generated comparing the individual’s stroke characteristics to PGA Tour benchmarks.

Data collected includes but is not limited to:

  • Face angle at address
  • Face angle at impact
  • Face angle rotation through impact
  • Putter path
  • Lateral movement in putter face through the strike
  • Effective putter loft at strike
  • Spin on the ball
  • Stroke rhythm
  • Time of stroke
  • Strike point on putter

Most importantly the consistency of this data is also measured from putt to putt allowing for the determination of the level of repeatability in any given technique. This set up, along with other highly specialized technological analysis systems offered at the Scott Hamilton Golf Academy is geared towards providing the student the best possible feedback and learning environment.

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